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Feature Item: Deceased Estate Large Carved Granite/Marble Statues



2X CARVED YELLOW MARBLE LIONS WITH BALL UNDER FRONT CLAWS 1540MM HIGH                                                                           

2X CARVED WHITE MARBLE NUDE WOMAN BALANCING BOWL FOUNTAIN SCULPTURES 1520MMH, 310MMDIA BOWL                                                                                  

2X CARVED WHITE MARBLE NUDE WOMAN BALANCING BOWL FOUNTAIN SCULPTURES 1540MMH, 430MM DIA BOWL                                                                                   

1X CARVED YELLOW MARBLE STATUE OF HAPPINESS BUDDHA STANDING ON MONEY BAG ARMS BROKEN 1000MMH                                                         

2X CARVED WHITE MARBLE LIONS STANDING ON ROCKS WITH SMALL LION UNDER FOOT 1X1450H, 1X1550H                                                                                

1X CARVED WHITE MARBLE FIGURE OF A MALE HEAD MISSING, ARM DAMAGED 1650H                                                                         

1X CARVED WHITE MARBLE NUDE SCULPTURE OF MAN & WOMAN 1620H                                                        

1X CARVED YELLOW MARBLE FIGURE OF SEATED HAPPINESS BUDDHA 700H                                                           

2X CARVED YELLOW MARBLE LIONS IN SITTING POSITION ON SQUARE BASE 1180H                                                                            

2X CARVED WHITE MARBLE PEEING BOY FOUNTAIN STATUES 1420H                                                                

1X LARGE CARVED MARBLE SCULPTURE SWING ANGELS 1470H                                                                 

2X CARVED MARBLE SCULPTURE OF SWING ANGELS 1260H                                                                     

1X CARVED RED MARBLE GARDEN SEAT, RELIEF DRAGON & PHOENIX CARVING ON BACK 1200LX600D                                                            

3X CARVED RED MARBLE GARDEN SEATS, RELIEF DRAGON & PHOENIX CARVING ON BACK SOME LEGS BROKEN                                                                                 

1X LIFE SIZE CARVED WHITE MARBLE CLASSICAL STYLE NUDE LADY 1970H                                                                                 

1X CARVED WHITE MARBLE FIGURE OF LADY STANDING WITH HEAD UNDER ARM 1400H                                                                             

1X CARVED WHITE MARBLE CONTEMPORARY STATUE 2X NUDE LADIES 1870H                                                                          

1X CARVED YELLOW MARBLE FOUNTAIN SETTING WITH LARGE FIBREGLASS POND 900HX1000 DIAM                                                                    

1X CARVED YELLOW MARBLE BEARDED MAN STICK BROKEN                                                                       

2X CARVED WHITE MARBLE STATUES BOYS PLAYING VIOLIN & GUITAR 1200H                                                                                 

2X CARVED YELLOW MARBLE PLINTHS    600H                                                                                   


4X CHINESE NATURALLY SHAPED SCHOLAR STONES 1X2100H,3X1450H GREY/WHITE                                                                            

1X NATURAL SHAPED MARBLE BONSAI STAND, PALLET ROCKS & CARVED MARBLE PIECES                                                                          

2X 1200LX800WX620H CARVED GREY/WHITE MARBLE RECTANGULAR BASES                                                                                 

1X CARVED MODERN ABSTRACT FEMALE FACES ON PIECE OF NATURAL WHITE MARBLE ON MARBLE BASE 2060H                                                                            

1X CARVED MODERN ABSTRACT FEMALE FACES ON PIECE OF ROUGH NATURAL WHITE MARBLE 2720H                                                            

1X 800H NATURALLY SHAPED WHITE GRANITE BASE                                                                          


1X CARVED YELLOW MARBLE FOUNTAIN 1050 DIAM                                                                             


For inspection or further details please call Neil McDonald 0418 150 655

Auction Date: 16/01/2018